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Don't let another year go by. Take control of your health. Set goals, crush them, and make new ones. Make fitness your lifestyle.

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THE GYM is a no-nonsense, results-driven fitness brand built from weightlifting culture, committed to pushing our bodies to levels constantly challenging our limits.. Here, great shape is an authentic passion, and strong, fit, and healthy lifestyles are the norm. We don’t back down, and we live for the burn to push our bodies to go beyond what we think they’re capable of. Many have tried to replicate our culture and have failed, they fail where we don’t because they lack our genuine passion to see our members reach their goals.


The largest free-weight section in the High Desert.


State-of-the-art cardio equipment to help you get into great shape.

Open all night

24-hour access to both of the clubs.

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If you live in the high desert, stop by and get a free workout in. We are here to push you to the next level in your fitness. Check out one of our facilities.

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Huge Facility | Amazing Trainers | Great Atmosphere

Our members have the opportunity to take full advantage of state of the art saunas, steam rooms, and showers.

Full access to Group X classes, spin sessions, personal trianing, and over 35k square feet of cardio, selectorized equipment, and free weights.

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